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Patti is a Florida Online Media Specialist and Lover of all things Florida

Media Specialist

CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Patti has a passion for as a platform to promote businesses, share stories and create a more credible online space with unique and interesting content.. With over 20 years of experience in writing and developing websites and as an entrepreneur herself, Patti brings her expertise to small business owners to create a new FloridaSmart with a vision to elevate their business online expanding visibility, credibility and reach. 

Patti places a high emphasis on providing great content about this amazing state. She is very involved in helping beginning writers, journalist and those seeking a career in media through her internship programs that gives writers a chance to gain experience, learn and grow while building their online portfolio. 

Florida Small Business Advocate

A native to Florida, a writer, website developer, who has owned several companies including a web development agency, several online blogs and a product distribution business, Patti has been an advocate of helping the small businesses and entrepreneurs in Florida while sharing the love of the state. Patti has an energetic and fierce drive for creating a space for Florida businesses and Entrepreneurs to share their stories and be found online and expand their reach. 

Florida Beach Specialist

Patti has been to every beach in Florida and is considered an expert on everything from the people, the sand, shorelife, and the areas surrounding the beaches. Her Beach column on shares the insights for both visitors and Floridians alike. She is a supporter of beaches, beach health, beach wildlife, and has created several holidays to bring awareness to the importance of beaches around the world. World Beach Month, World Beach Day, Walk in the Sand Day, are just a few days that she has implemented. Contact Patti to get involved and help support the efforts to keep the beaches beautiful, clean and the wildlife happy.