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As a born and raised Floridian, I love so much about Florida. With more state parks than almost every other state, more miles of coastal beaches (except for Alaska), Disney and other attractions, along with the warm year round weather, there is always an adventure to be explored.

Florida Media Strategist

As a marketing and digital media professional, I believe in combining a passion for great content with marketing for small businesses to get them exposure in a more natural way. 

Content itself may be King (because it dominates the internet), but the creation and marketing of content is certainly Queen. Content needs to be more elegant and sophisticated than ever before and it needs a special attention to detail in order to get the attention it needs. Content needs to be created for the reader, not for bots, and when crafted properly, it will gain more traction over time rather than fall into the internet content pit.

Florida Smart was born out of the idea to help people connect with businesses in the state. It is even more important today than it was in years past because it is now more expensive and harder to be found online.

With our collaborative influencer approach, we are turning businesses and business leaders into influencers. Learn more about it here.

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