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Health is the most important thing in life. I have always been active. When I was younger, I loved playing sports. Now that I am older, I love being active in ways that won’t injure me! I love walking, biking, table tennis, and any light sports activities.

Healthy eating and keeping stress levels low have been my biggest challenges. I eat healthy for the most part, but I was raised by a baker who had breads and grains and desserts at every meal. My go to stress relief for 40 years was chocolate. And as a single mom entrepreneur for 30 years, I ate alot of chocolate! I am now discovering and believing in the Keto style diets and learning more about reducing grains and sugars and I believe that as a society in America, we indulge without thinking about what we are doing to our bodies far too often.

I am sharing my food and health journey in an effort to help others who may be stuck or fighting health issues and may need some inspiration.


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