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Uniting the World through Holidays

Growing up in a large family with a mother who was a baker, I always loved the holidays. My mother was the queen of preparing food and baked goods for church events and home parties. It always felt like a time when people connected, got along, and were happy. This left a huge impression on me and when the internet started in 1998, holidays was something I wanted to promote and be a part of.


I believe that holidays are an important part of human culture everywhere in the world. HolidaySmart was born out of the passion for sharing these world holidays. When I started researching the creation of some holidays, I realized that anyone could create a holiday and I started implementing new ones. At first it was food holidays because I believe that food brings people together and sharing chocolate cake day is the perfect way to connect! Then came the positivity, earth, pet and inspiration holidays. Our visionary team at HolidaySmart is now creating new holidays every year that are inspired by something or someone. Want to join our team? Click here and learn more.

Some of the Holidays we’ve implemented:

Food Holidays

  • Brownie Day (Dec.8)
  • Cheesecake Day (Jul.30) and Cheesecake Variety Days
  • Chocolate Cake Day (Jan.27)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (May.7)
  • Chocolate Eclair Day (Jun.22)
  • Chocolate Fudge Day (Apr.8)
  • Yogurt Day (Jun.28)
  • Fruit Salad Day (Jun.6)
  • Favorite Veggie Day (Mar.30)
  • Favorite Salad Day (Oct.27)
  • Autumn Veggie Day (Sep.23)
  • Favorite Pumpkin Dish Day (Oct.3)
  • Dried Fruit Day (Nov.5)


Positivity & Inspiration Holidays

  • Choose Happiness Day
  • Give 100 Day
  • I Totally Got This Day
  • Keep Moving Forward Day
  • Live Laugh Love Day
  • Live Your Passion Day
  • Stronger Together Day
  • Single Moms Day
  • Decide Day
  • Get Out of Your Bubble Day
  • Quests On Earth Day
  • Successful Failures Day
  • Try Something New Day
  • Imagine Day
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy Day
  • Happiness Happens Day
  • Create Optimism Day
  • Flute & Piccalo Day
  • Unity Months
  • more


Earth Related Holidays

  • World Beach Day
  • World Beach Month
  • Walk in the Sand Day
  • Sandcastle Day
  • Go Shelling Day
  • Epic Tree Days
    • Banyan Tree Day
    • Rainbow Eucalyptus Day
    • Oak Tree Day
    • Palm Tree Day
    • Baobab Tree Day
    • Kauri Tree Day
    • Giant Sequoias Tree Day
    • Dead Vlei Trees Day
    • Quiver Tree Day
    • Dragon Blood Tree Day
    • Ta Prohm Tree Day
    • Cypress Tree Day


Peace Love Holidays

Join our mission at HolidaySmart to Unite the World through Holidays to bring a connction among people in different cultures across the world as well as within communities.

Passionate about Holidays & Observances and Uniting People through Holidays