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Love is everything. Everyone in this world justs wants to love and be loved. If only we could all put love above all else, the world would be that much more fabulous. 

In my small way, I want to spread more love. And like everyone else in the world, I do things for my own loves and occassionally, I have to write about it, so I started a blog sharing my thoughts and musings. 

Here’s what I love in my world…

I love my children and helping them in any way I can

I love exploring new places and discovering new things

I love traveling and adventures and meeting new people

I love the beach and walking in the sand

I love ideas and those who are passionate about creating

I love large majestic trees and natural places

I love sci-fi books and movies

I love all different kinds of pets and animals

I love playing board games, chess and card games

I love swimming, snorkeling, boating

I love playing ping pong, riding my bike and taking long walks

I love the clouds and all their uniqueness everyday

I love homes, designing floor plans and real estate in general

and I could go on….


Here’s what I love in my work…

I love creating and conceptualizing ideas.

I love creating really great written content, graphics and images.

I love to make the online world a more beautiful and informative place.

I love to see the results of a completed project and the feeling of “wow” that comes with it.

I love to create online media content that gets results and increases engagement.

I love to inspire, connect and engage.

I love helping others achieve their goals.

I love working with people who are as passionate about their business and their projects as I am.